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Questions & Answers about MMS

 What is MMS ?

MMS is created from the chemical sodium chlorite. It generates chlorine dioxide when citric acid (a food acid) is mixed with it. In the human body the outer membrane (skin) of pathogens is more than 1000 times less thick than body organ walls such as the walls of the intestines. This thin outer membrane of the pathogens which is actually less than 1/10,000 of an inch thick is easily destroyed by the weak solution of chlorine dioxide, which of course is activated MMS. This weak solution has no effect on the walls of the various organs of the body which are all thousands of times thicker than the pathogens skin.

Red blood cells pick up the CLO2 molecules, circulates them and the result is gradual cleansing and detoxification throughout the entire body.

If you understand the statements below, you’ll be able to make your own judgement about the detoxifying benefits of MMS

Chlorine Dioxide gas circulates in the blood stream destroying pathogens that are gradually eliminated

MMS boosts the immune system immeasurably… 100% or even greater

MMS can be used periodically to maintain a cleansed toxin-free body achieving high levels of immunity

MMS doesn’t heal sprains and addictions…this are not caused by bacteria

MMS doesn’t replace damaged body parts, vitamins, nutrition or protein

Conflict with other drugs is unlikely… if in doubt, voluntarily eliminate one or the other