Before we begin outlining the MMS protocol, Jim Humble states that virtually all pathogenic material within the body is rendered harmless and therefore is eliminated within a period of no longer than 2 – 3 weeks.

Below is the MMS protocol exactly as it was written in
Humble’s free 147 page book and it still remains the same to this day.

How to use MMS for Internal Detoxification

The purpose of mixing the MMS with the Citric Acid Solution is to produce a weak solution that causes a slow release of chlorine dioxide gas (CLO2) in your stomach, which will remove harmful pathogens and metals from your body.

How to activate the MMS with Citric Acid Solution

Preferred “new” method: To make a 50% citric acid solution…
First mix 50% of citric acid powder with 50% filtered water, then pour into blue bottle provided with your MMS kit.

Then in a clean dry glass, add 1 drop of citric acid solution with each 1 drop of MMS. Swirl it a little, wait 20 seconds then add a quarter to half a cup of water or juice (with no added vitamin C) and drink it.
Note: With the preferred new method always use 1 drop of citric acid with each 1 drop of MMS (then 2 drops of MMS will equal 2 drops of citric acid solution etc).

The two ingredients combined produce a liquid solution that slowly releases the purifying gas called Chlorine Dioxide.
Do NOT use orange juice… apple, pineapple, grape and carrot juices are ok with no added vitamin C. Vitamin C neutralizes the desired effect. Avoid taking vitamin C for about 3 hours before or after drinking the MMS mixture.

TIP: Also adding a few drops of peppermint extract to the water after activating the MMS can improve the taste and greatly reduces the chance of nausea as peppermint is very soothing to the stomach.
After activating the MMS drink it immediately otherwise the detoxifying gas is wasting away. Take this ½ – 1 hour after a meal and gradually increase by 1 drop of MMS each day. Work up to a level of 15 drops 2 – 3 times a day and maintain this level of 15 drops for 7 days.

Do not take MMS on an empty stomach.

If you are an adult, 15 drops is adequate for someone who weighs approximately 68kg or 150 pounds. If the person is heavier than this, then it is recommended that 15 drops 3 times a day should be consumed at the end of the program. At this dosage, it is virtually guaranteed that the body will be completely free from pathogenic activity and of heavy metals. After this period, the person should then drop the dosage to a maintenance amount of 5 – 7 drops twice weekly.

Note: With the preferred “new” method it is important that whenever MMS drops are mentioned, you must always use 1 drop of MMS with 1 drop of Citric Acid solution. Then wait for 20 seconds before adding your desired juice or filtered water. The activated MMS is now ready to drink.

MMS Requirements you should know…

Do not take with Vitamin C, as vitamin C neutralises the chlorine dioxide molecule upon contact, so only ingest 1 hour before taking MMS and no sooner than 3 hours afterwards.
Vitamin C is powerfully antagonistic towards MMS.

Keep away from sunlight, as MMS is very sensitive to sunlight, especially the ultra violet component. It is best to keep MMS refrigerated.

Ingest independently of food, as food will slow down the absorption of the chlorine dioxide molecule in the system, Take MMS ½ an hour to 1 hour after a meal.